Friday, August 24, 2018

Helping to build community in our Town within a Forest

We connect town residents who need assistance with town residents who can provide it.

Sometimes you just need a little help. Are you under the weather but need something picked up at the pharmacy? Do you need a ride to a medical appointment? Would a meal or meals delivered to you help you recover from an illness?

Residents often find help they need via the town Yahoo listserv. But you can also contact us at or 240-813-3316. Additionally, we have online forms for requesting assistance:

We compile and share town residents' local recommendations.

We help to build a sense of community.  

We live in a neighborly town, but we can always do more to foster that togetherness. Washington Grove Cares is exploring ways to get folks together. We are currently presenting a series of talks by town residents. In summer 2018, we arranged an inter-generational Instrument Petting Zoo, where musicians in town shared their love of music and their instruments with kids in Summer in the Parks. 

Watch for new developments, and send us your ideas for strengthening community.

What's My Line?  Grovers Revealed!

In a series of presentations in McCathran Hall sponsored by Washington Grove Cares, town residents talk about their areas of expertise or their passions.

At Mary Blake's talk on 9/15/2019 about trauma, she displayed copies of various papers.  She has provided us these papers online from Resources Related to Trauma and Trauma-informed Care.  In addition, there are many professional services available in Montgomery County, and one route to finding help is InfoMontgomery, a collaborative effort of public and private agencies to provide detailed information about health, education and human service resources.